Radiant Heat

Get more comfortable with Radiant Heat

Radiant heat runs beneath your floors and isn’t visible like radiators or floor units. It’s become popular for the way it feels–like sunshine or warmth from a fire.

A warm floor warms your feet, and with the heat in the floor the air can be cooler and more refreshing.

More Energy Efficient

The sensation of comfort is caused by a combination of air temperature and radiant energy that meets the body’s energy needs. When you receive a greater amount of radiant energy, you will be equally comfortable at a lower air temperature.

It’s like being out in the sunshine. You are more comfortable at a lower air temperature. This lower air temperature will save you money on your energy bills.

Energy experts calculate that you can easily save 25% of your heating costs with a radiant heating system.

Cleaner and Healthier

The health benefits are the most important benefits of radiant heating. There are reasons why so many families have more illnesses in the winter.

Radiant heating does not blow dirt, dust, bacteria, viruses and pet dander around the house all winter long.

Unlike hot air systems, radiant heat won’t dry out your breathing passages and leave them more vulnerable to infection.

Child Friendly and Safer

With radiant heat, there are no hot surfaces for children to touch and no radiators for them to fall onto.
They cannot drop their crayons into the hot air ducts.


A radiant heating system is felt but not seen or heard. There are no radiators to interfere with furniture placement or interior design.

There are no fans or blower noise. Just peace and quiet.

Simpler and More Reliable

Flying Plumbers does not overcomplicate their radiant heating systems. In fact, we simplify them.

In our opinion, the customer is not well served by a lot of bells and whistles. It should not take a rat’s nest of controls that no one understands well to operate a radiant system.

Less Costly to Purchase

Even with all of these benefits, in most cases, you can save money when you purchase a radiant heating system.